We are meeting in person on Sunday at 9:30 for Sunday School (no nursery) and 10:30am Worship Service (nursery and children's church).

The service will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel and also recorded and posted in the "Featured Sermon" below on Sunday afternoon.

See this link for COVID-19 precautions: https://www.potomachills.org/covid-19-safety

Archives for September 2018

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 30th

Have you ever been disappointed? I'm sure you have. Perhaps when you were a kid Christmas morning came and you didn't get that one present you really wanted. Or when you were a teen you didn't get that prom date you set your heart on. Or maybe you picked out the perfect college ... until you got that letter. Then you entered the work force, and got that first job intervie...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 23rd

Have you ever gotten lost? Just driving around with absolutely no idea where you are or how to get where you're supposed to be going? That happens a lot less than it used to with the advent of GPS devices and map apps on our phones. But it's enormously frustrating when it does happen. And it still happens sometimes (usually when your phone dies and you forgot your car char...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 16th

Have you ever seen someone make a complete train wreck of their lives? Maybe you saw it from a distance? Or perhaps it was up close and personal? Sadly, it's common enough that most of us have, or will, suffer through watching such a personal disaster. And sometimes it's made even more difficult because you see it coming before it happens. You're watching people make bad...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 9th

Have you ever had something happen to you that you couldn't figure out? Perhaps it was some illness or injury or accident? Maybe it was a relational failure of some sort? Or even a missed opportunity at work? But some event or circumstance has taken place in your life, and as hard as you try to understand it, you can't come up with why this is happening to you. Maybe you...

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