This Sunday's Worship Materials can be found in the "Featured Sermon" below. We meet in person at Harper Park Middle School, and the service is also livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

IMG_6087.JPGPotomac Hills Youth is the ministry to middle school and high school students at Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church. The goal of the ministry is to encourage our youth to go deeper in their faith in Christ. Toward that end, we end up spending most of our teaching time in the Bible. We hope to ask hard questions of the Scriptures, and then seek to see how the text points us to the Gospel which transforms life both in the future and in the here and now.

The hope is to do that in the context of community and relationships. The Bible envisions different parts of the body working together to build up the whole in the faith, and the youth group is no different. Our students wrestle with the truths of God's grace while living them out with each other. Our activities (retreats, mission trips, outdoor adventures, and other outings) are designed to put students in positions to exercise what they've learned about grace, forgiveness, and repentance.

While we have many activities, Potomac Hills Youth revolves around our large group meeting. Large Group is a combined meeting of middle school and high school students. We meet together most Wednesday nights at a local community clubhouse.  We play games, worship, discuss the topic or series we are in, and have lots of fun! Feel free to bring friends with you!

Frank Wang is our youth pastor and can be reached at: fwang(at)