Please note that masks are now required during church services regardless of vaccination status.

We will meet in person on Sunday at 9:30am for Sunday School and 10:30am Worship Service.

This Sunday's Worship Materials can be found in the "Featured Sermon" below. The service continues to be livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

Our re-opening stages and COVID-19 precautions can be found at:

Deacons PHPC 2020

Potomac Hills Deacons: deacons (at)

spence 2021John Spence - jspence (at)

  • Became A Deacon - 2001
  • Married and has 4 adult children
  • Works for Hughes Group Architects


palme 2021John Palmé - jpalme (at)

  • Became A Deacon - 2007
  • Married and has 2 adult children
  • Works for International Launch Services



Jonathan N

Jonathan Nelson - jnelson (at)

  • Became A Deacon - 2015
  • Married and has 2 children
  • Works for Smith & Pugh, PLC


pogany 2021

Andy Pogany - awpogany (at)

  • Became A Deacon - 2015
  • Married and has 3 children
  • Works for US Army Night Vision Lab


kamakawiwoole 2021Josh Kamakawiwoole - jkamakawiwoole (at)

  • Became A Deacon - 2015
  • Married and has 2 children
  • Works for Business & Engineering Systems Corp.



Potomac Hills also has 5 Diaconal Assistants: Courtney Hasseman, Jonathan Batluck, Jennifer Weitz, Ann Marie Davis, and Katherine Culver