We are meeting in person on Sunday at 9:30 for Sunday School (no nursery) and 10:30am Worship Service (nursery and children's church).

The service will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel and also recorded and posted in the "Featured Sermon" below on Sunday afternoon.

See this link for COVID-19 precautions: https://www.potomachills.org/covid-19-safety

Archives for November 2019

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Heart Prep for Sunday, December 1st

This week we're leaving the Gospel of Mark for a season as we'll be starting our Advent series on "Christmas in the Psalms." But we won't be leaving "The King and His Cross" as we'll be looking at five Messianic Psalms over the next five weeks which foretell some aspect of the coming of the Messiah. The Psalms we'll be looking at are Psalm 2, 69, 72, 110, and 118 (in case ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, November 24th

Black and white. Us and Them. We live in an increasingly polarized world. On just about anything, we're asked to pick sides. The contrasts in camps of people are becoming increasingly stark. But contrasts aren't just about segregating into groups. Contrasts often provide color and depth to our understand our world and experience. For instance, contrasts can help throw into...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, November 17th

This week we're in the miracles of Jesus. Last week I told you that the parables are often miracles in story form. Well, often the miracles are parables in action. And we have something of that in our text this week, Mark 4:35-41, the well-known story of Jesus calming the storm. Now, Jesus has already done a lot in front of the disciples. He's taught, He's healed people, ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, November 10th

This week we're in the parables of Jesus. The parables basically tell us that we're doing everything wrong. And we have a hard time with that. Most of the time, we're trying (very hard) to do everything right! Okay, not everyone, but surely you are! And now Jesus is sharing parables to help us see that the ways of the Kingdom are not the ways of the world. Things are backw...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, November 3rd

Happy Reformation Day! If you're reading this on what most of America celebrates as Halloween, you're actually reading it on the 502nd anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany. While the Reformation was much bigger than Luther, and the 95 Theses didn't address everything that the Reformation stood for, it was a hug...

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