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Heart Prep for Sunday, November 10th

This week we’re in the parables of Jesus.  The parables basically tell us that we’re doing everything wrong.  And we have a hard time with that.  Most of the time, we’re trying (very hard) to do everything right!  Okay, not everyone, but surely you are!  And now Jesus is sharing parables to help us see that the ways of the Kingdom are not the ways of the world.  Things are backwards in the Kingdom.  The way up is down.  You get rich by giving it away.  You gain power through serving.  You get full by emptying yourself.  You gain happiness by making others happy.  And it all sounds so good … but it’s so hard to understand … because that’s not the way the world works.

And that’s part of the lesson.  The Kingdom of God is very different from the world.  And you have to be able to be, think, talk, and act differently than the world … if you want to be in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus illustrates this principle in our passage this week, Mark 4:21-34 (You’ll probably want to read it before Sunday morning).  He tells three short parables, building on the Parable of the Sower from last week, that will explain how the Kingdom works.  And at first glance, we probably won’t get it.  And that’s because parables are simple, but profound.  They’re easy to imagine, but hard to understand.  And they’re quite clear, but very confusing.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?

And so, we’re often quick to complain, “Jesus, why can’t You just make things easier?”  And I think He might reply, “Oh, but I am.”  And that … will make things interesting.  I hope to see you Sunday, Dr. Dave


P.S. What a fun time last Sunday at the Fall Festival!  Big thanks to the Meckstroth’s for letting us invade (it was a great turnout); and kudos to Paula Palkovic for organizing the packing party for Operation Christmas Child!