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10:30 am

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Harper Park Middle School

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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 5th

Well, this week we have the special treat of hearing from Ron Clifton, who will be preaching on “The Prophet’s New Covenant” from Jeremiah 31:31-40.  As you may know, Ron has been going through Officer Training for the last few months which consists of weekly classes and a heavy reading load.  Part of the training process for a Ruling Elder is giving the Session an opportunity to see him minister God’s Word in a small group or Sunday School class, one-on-one, and in a large group.  This is the large group opportunity, so please pray for Ron as he prepares to preach and finishes the training. 

We will have a congregational meeting on Sunday, May 19th to hear Ron’s testimony and call to the office of Ruling Elder, ask him some (easy) questions, and then conduct our officer election.  Again, please pray.

Jeremiah 31 is one of the key passages in the whole book as it presents Jeremiah’s prophecy of the New Covenant.  Jeremiah promised that God would one day have this total forgetfulness toward Israel's sin.  While they would have to experience the consequences of their sin, the prophet indicated that something in the future would remove the guilt of sin forever.  A day was coming when sin would be remembered no more.  Please come this Sunday so we can see how one of the great promises of the Bible not only has been fulfilled but is now applied to us today.

It will be a great reminder to us as we commune with God at the Lord’s Table and then get to commune with each other at our Fellowship Lunch.  See you there!  Dr. Dave


P.S. Don’t forget about Men’s Seminar on “An Anxious Age” this Saturday morning, 8-10 am at the church office.  The following Saturday, the women will be having a one-day retreat on with Elizabeth Garn on the topic of her new book, “Shattered: Breaking Free of the Image of Good to Become the Image of God.”

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