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The Prophet's Basis for Boasting (Jeremiah 9:12-24)

November 11, 2018 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Jeremiah - Faithful Living in a Fallen World

Topic: Sermons Passage: Jeremiah 9:12–9:24

Have you ever been surprised by the words or actions of a friend?  Here's someone you know well, that you're close to, and all of a sudden, they say something, or do something, that just surprises you.  And perhaps you respond with, "Something must be up with them.  That's not like them."  Or maybe even, "Wow, you thought you knew a guy ... and then they do something like this."   Well, first of all, we shouldn't be surprised that the people we know and love are sinners.  All of us do and/or say things we shouldn't.  And we probably surprise those around us who know us well.  Because it's one thing to be surprised by the words and actions of a friend ... and it's another thing when the friend is surprised by the words and actions of ourselves.
In our passage this week, Jeremiah 9:12-26, we find the Prophet Jeremiah addressing these kinds of questions.  The people of God are doing surprising, sinful things (though we probably shouldn't be surprised anymore), and yet, those same people are surprised by the words and actions of God.  Last week, we saw the prophet pleading for the presence of God amongst His people.  And this week, God is essentially answering Jeremiah's plea.  But He's answering Jeremiah with a question of His own, "How can I be among people who don't even know or understand Me?"  And that's a good question -- both for Jeremiah's day and for our day.
We also live in a time where lots of people claim to know God.  They understand God.  They "get" God.  In fact, they're boasting and bragging about how well they know God.  And they're happy to share their superior level of knowledge with you.  And Jeremiah is letting them know (and us), that we're making knowing God ... all about us.  Look how well I know God.  See how much I understand God.  And knowing God becomes all about me ... and not so much about God.  Clearly, the Israelites had that problem.  And just as clearly, there's a lot of Christians today who have the exact same problem.  So what do we do?
Well, knowing and understanding God is a good thing.  If you're doing that to exalt God and not ourselves.  That's some great value in knowing God for God's sake.  In knowing Christ so that we are remade in His image.  If we're really focused on knowing and understanding the One, True, and Living God, then there should be a corresponding level of humility that comes upon us.   So, that's what we're going to talk about this Sunday.  Should be interesting.  See you then, Dr. Dave
P.S.  Just a quick reminder to leave the folding chairs and the padded chairs for our senior members and those struggling with health issues.  Appreciate your cooperation.

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