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The Prophet's Victory in Defeat (Jeremiah 48:1-52:34)

August 4, 2019 Speaker: Rev. Frank Wang Series: Jeremiah - Faithful Living in a Fallen World

Topic: Sermons Passage: Jeremiah 48:1– 52:34

We’ve made it. After 38 weeks, we’ve come to the end of our series in Jeremiah. Let me tell you that this has been a challenging book for the pastors and elders to preach on. It seems like we’ve spent last 11 months or so looking passages where Jeremiah calls out sin and pronounces judgment. There have been glimpses of grace here and there throughout, but it’s been a pretty heavy dose of looking at our sin.

However, though the passages have been quite heavy and not the most cheerful, I hope that you have rejoiced along with me over the in depth look at our sin this series has given us. That’s kind of strange right? That we would rejoice over the revealing of our sin? But yet, that’s the Christian response. Because as we get a better look at our sin, the preciousness of our salvation grows all the more. I hope that all these weeks of wrestling with sin, idolatry, pride, and presumption have highlighted what a great hope we have in Christ! I hope that looking at the depth of our sin has magnified the heights of glory that Christ has raised us to in His blood!

And so as we cover the last 5 chapters of Jeremiah, chapters 48-52, I hope that you’ll notice the diamonds of grace buried in the midst of the judgments against sin. I’ve been surprised by how much they stand out. And so, please do your best to read chapters 48-52 before Sunday. Hopefully you’ll find those gems of grace as you read. And so this Sunday, let’s look closely at God’s vengeance upon His enemies and find His grace to them while they were yet sinners. See you Sunday!

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