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Wisdom Speaks Truth (Proverbs 6:16-19, 8:1-8)

July 26, 2015 Speaker: Frank Pugh, Ruling Elder Series: Wisdom for Life - A Series in the Book of Proverbs

Topic: Sermons Passage: Proverbs 6:16–6:19

Ok, so I’m not really a pastor, but they did turn the pulpit over to me this week. I have the honor of preaching about every other year. It is a humbling experience. Somehow, it never fails that my sin gets revealed in the course of preparation of a sermon.

This week, our sermon from the Proverbs series is on how “Wisdom Speaks Truth.” As Dr. Dave has indicated, sermons from Proverbs are necessarily topical, rather than expository. The Bible has a lot to say about Truth. Jesus had a lot to say about Truth. For example, he asserted that he WAS the Truth (as well as the way and the life). He said that his Father’s word was Truth.

We have a love / hate relationship with the Truth. We usually want the Truth on our terms or when it benefits us. But there are some things that are true about us that we would rather not admit or have known, and that makes us hide the Truth or hide from the Truth.
Yet Jesus said that the Truth would make us free. How does that work? I guess you’ll have to listen to the full sermon to find out. Hope to see you Sunday at worship.

Frank Pugh


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