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Wind, Calm, and Fear (Mark 4:35-41)

November 17, 2019 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: The King and His Cross

Topic: Sermons Passage: Mark 4:35–4:41

This week we’re in the miracles of Jesus.  Last week I told you that the parables are often miracles in story form.  Well, often the miracles are parables in action.  And we have something of that in our text this week, Mark 4:35-41, the well-known story of Jesus calming the storm.

Now, Jesus has already done a lot in front of the disciples.  He’s taught, He’s healed people, He’s cast out demons, and He’s done a few other miracles.  Some of His teaching has been straightforward and easy to understand.  Some of it has been given in hard-to-understand parables.  And since the Gospel of Mark is always pointing us towards Jesus as King, like the disciples, we have to wonder what’s coming next.  And what’s coming next is a test.

And it’s a test of faith.  The disciples are confronted with the question, “Do you really believe that Jesus is the King?”  There’s been great teachers before.  There’s even been a few faith-healers along the way.  But Jesus is about to do something that only God can do.  And the disciples are stunned.  And they’re scared. 

But do they believe?  And will we believe?  Because that’s the question Jesus wants them, and us, to answer.  And that’s what we’ll be looking at this Sunday.  I hope to see you there, Dr. Dave

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