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Discernment In The Kingdom (Matthew 16:1-12)

December 29, 2013 Speaker: Rev. Dave Dorst Series: The King and His Kingdom! - A Series in the Book of Matthew

Topic: Sermons Passage: Matthew 16:1–16:12

So, we went to see the new Hobbit movie Saturday, and were really enjoying the first hour and a half. But with an hour left in the film, they shut down the projector and gave us readmission tickets because of technical difficulties with the film. Having already read the book, I know what happens and that they defeat the dragon and get the riches (unless that stretches into the next movie?). But I look forward to actually seeing how the battle and the ending happen. Sounds kind of like the Christian life, doesn't it? We've read the ending and we know the dragon gets defeated and we get the riches, but we get to live out the exciting part that God has designed for us to play!

I'm looking forward to preaching in front of one of my preaching professors (my dad) this Sunday in church. Matthew has such great stuff in it, doesn't it? This week's passage will remind us why it's so important to be discerning when choosing our spiritual leaders. See you there, -Dave Dorst

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