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Worthy is the Lamb, Revelation 5

January 17, 2010 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: The King’s Triumphant Return - A Series in Revelation

Topic: Sermons Passage: Revelation 5:1–5:14

Pastor Dave preaches from Revelation 5 as we look at what happens in the Throne Room of Heaven.  Dr. John R. W. Stott writes about this chapter, "This Lion is the king of the Davidic line.  So John looks up and sees a Lamb.  The Lion is announced, and what John sees is--a Lamb.  This is not a separate animal.  Apocalyptic literature delights in mixed metaphors.  Here the Lion is the Lamb--­at that, a slaughtered, sacrificial lamb, yet one with a perfection of kingly power.  Here is the Messiah, the utmost in self-giving, the utmost in power, emerging from the very center of the throne.  He alone brings to pass all of God's purposes.  Small wonder that the entire universe explodes with a new song, the song of redemption [about] the triumph of the Lamb."

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