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Heart Prep for Sunday, October 27th

This week we’ll see how Jesus answers those who question what He’s doing.  Our passage for this week, Mark 3:20-35, begins with Jesus’ family showing up and wanting to take Him home so He’ll stop embarrassing everyone with all of this sensationalistic, miraculous, healing stuff that He was doing

And right in the middle of this family mess, another group shows up and questions Jesus for much the same things, but for different reasons.  Jesus has critics coming at Him from within and without, family and church, trying to use His own words against Him, and making some pretty serious accusations against Him. 

Everyone is waiting and watching to see how He’ll react.  And we’ll see that Jesus answers some questions, but not others.  He’ll respond with some pretty blunt teaching, but also some pretty unexpected teaching.  It’s hard to put Jesus in a box because He doesn’t always respond the way you want or expect Him too.

So, what does that mean for us?  Does Jesus always do things the way we want?  Certainly not!  And that can be frustrating.  But is the disconnect on our side … or on His?  Probably ours.  So, I hope the lesson for us is that we would recognize where we fit in the story.  Are we even asking the right questions?  And are we prepared to accept the unexpected answers?  Once again, Jesus catches us off guard with His surprising answers.  Should be interesting.  I hope to see you this Sunday, Dr. Dave