Worship at home with us on Sunday.  Worship Materials will be posted in the "Featured Sermon" link below.

Heart Prep for Sunday, March 22nd

This week we’re continuing our sermon series on The Gospel of Mark.  We’ll be in a famous text this Sunday, Mark 9:2-13, where we’ll see what’s commonly known as the Transfiguration.  It would be easy to think that this has nothing to do with our world today.  Or that it was just another cool miracle, but one that has little meaning for us now, maybe in the future, but not now.  And, of course, that thinking would be wrong.  Because the Transfiguration of the Christ is one of the most relevant texts we could have for today.  I’m looking forward to showing you just how that helpful and hopeful this text is for us.  And I do mean “showing you” since I’ll be coming to you via video again this Sunday.  On Saturday we’ll post all the links and everything you need to worship on Sunday at our website – www.potomachills.org – just go to the sermon page for this Sunday.


Obviously, we’re living in days of rapid change.  Several times we’ve made plans and before we could even let you know what they were the situation changed and we had to start over.  It’s been a challenge and there’s been a definite learning curve to this process of moving everything online.  Just today, I sent the staff, elders, and deacons a weekly care list, so we’ll be able to check in with people in the church, especially our seniors and those with underlying health conditions.  Despite all the ‘social distancing’ rules, we want to care for you and pray for you.  While this is certainly not a scenario any of us wanted or even envisioned, it is an opportunity for the church to be the church, a group of people who put the “love one another” command of Christ into action.  So, let’s do that and see what God does, who knows, He may just surprise us with the Gospel!  And that’s Good News!  Dr. Dave