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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 29th

Everyone wants to be wise, and most of us think we're somewhat wise, but we have real concerns about everyone else.  When something goes wrong in someone else's life, we're quick to wonder, "What were they thinking?"  But when something's not going right in our own life, we're quick to get defensive, "It couldn't be helped.  Sometimes things just happen.  Nothing I could have done about it."  So, what makes one person wise and another person unwise?  Or, to put it another way, what constitutes true wisdom over against false wisdom?  Well, to quote that famous theologian, Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does."  Though James, the brother of Jesus, might phrase it like this, "Wisdom is as wisdom does."  In other words, the consequences of our decisions and actions are what demonstrates true wisdom or false wisdom in our lives.

This Sunday, we'll be continuing our series on The Book of James, entitled "We Walk in Wisdom."   And this week we'll be looking at James 3:13-18 on the "Wisdom from Above."  A wise man, according to the Apostle James, must give evidence that he is indeed a wise man.  Her conduct or behavior must be morally good, excellent,  genuine, approved, and praiseworthy.  His works, actions, deeds, etc. stem from this godly lifestyle.  Her whole demeanor towards others is not that of arrogance and pride but of meekness and gentleness.  He shows great skill in managing the affairs of life.  She demonstrates the knowledge for godly living by her lifestyle.  He demonstrates skill and discernment in imparting Christian truth to others.

Now, that sounds like a tall order, and it is.  But wisdom is something that comes from the combination of Biblical knowledge and a life of  faithful experience.  And both of those things take time to acquire.  Therefore wisdom is something that is usually demonstrated over time.  And yet, when things aren't going our way, when we've reached the end of our rope, when life is too difficult, too overwhelming, or too frustrating, we become desperate for immediate wisdom ... right here and now.  And sometimes, God grants it.  How does that happen?  Well, that's what we're going to be looking at this Sunday.  Should be interesting.  See you there, Dr. Dave

PS - This Sunday, we're going to announce a number of changes in how we do ministry at Potomac Hills.  Some of you will love it ... some of you won't.  Either way, you don't want to miss it.  

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