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Heart Prep for Sunday, December 1st

This week we’re leaving the Gospel of Mark for a season as we’ll be starting our Advent series on “Christmas in the Psalms.”  But we won’t be leaving “The King and His Cross” as we’ll be looking at five Messianic Psalms over the next five weeks which foretell some aspect of the coming of the Messiah.  The Psalms we’ll be looking at are Psalm 2, 69, 72, 110, and 118 (in case you want to read ahead), each of which are among the most quoted Psalms in the New Testament.  This week, we’re starting with Psalm 2 which will tell us why we need “Christ the King.”  We hope this Advent series will really help each of us to focus on who Christ is and why we need Him so much at this time of year.

However, we have to get through Thanksgiving first.  And if your house is anything like my house, there’s lots of cooking and cleaning going on as we’re getting ready for the hordes (our children and grandchildren) to descend.  I’m sure it will be very chaotic and loads of fun.  But the main question for Thanksgiving is “What are we thankful for?”  Most of us are thankful for family and friends … and most of us are thankful for Christ and His Church.  Here’s a few more things I’m thankful for this year:

1) I’m blessed working with a great staff.  Dave, Frank, and Andrea are a joy to be around and each of them does a great job serving this church.  If you ever come by during one of our Wednesday staff meetings, you would discover we laugh a lot (we also tease each other a fair amount, and it’s usually well deserved).

2) So many servants!  I’m amazed every time we count up how many people are involved in making this church run each and every Sunday.  From teachers to set-up to musicians to sound to greeters to counters to the nursery and more – way too often we take you for granted when we should be thanking you.  So thank you!

3) Elders, Deacons, and Leaders.  I’m reminded this week that for the people who lead the church or lead a ministry, that one of the main things they do is pray.  We should be thankful for those who pray – for us, for you, for the church.  You may not know all their names, but they have a significant kingdom impact.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving, and let’s have a great start to Advent.  I hope to see you Sunday, Dr. Dave