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Heart Prep for Sunday, December 15th

This week we’re continuing our Advent series on “Christmas in the Psalms.”  We’re looking at a few Messianic Psalms that foretell some aspect of the coming of the Messiah.  This Sunday, we’ll be looking at Psalm 72 which will tell us something very comforting about “Christ the Lord” (After last week, we need something comforting)!  It’s a unique Psalm in that it addresses the reign of three different kings.  As best we can tell, it was a prayer written by King David for and about his son, who would become King Solomon, but neither David nor Solomon can perfectly fulfill all the requests of this prayer.  Ultimately, they can only be fulfilled completely and finally by the greater King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This Psalm not only asks God to grant these requests on behalf of the king, but it also describes what his reign should look like in the case of Solomon … and what it will look like in the case of Christ.  And that’s important.  We all go through lots of tough times in life, some worse than others, usually at moments of great inconvenience, and often they’re simply overwhelming.  And when we’re overwhelmed, one of the great comforts for our souls is to get a glimpse of the greatness of our Lord.  I hope you’ll get to see that this Sunday.  It’s what we need during Advent.  And I’m looking forward to it.  See you then, Dr. Dave