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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 9th

Mark 14:27-42


Have you ever marveled at the unwise choices someone else has made?  Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What in the world were they thinking?  I would have never done that?”  Then you suddenly realize that you do the same thing all the time.  Or, have you ever felt certain your loyalty would empower you to do something hard or unpopular for someone else, only to find when things got tough, you could not muster the courage to stand by them? 


This week, we are back on the Mount of Olives with Jesus and the disciples.  There we will see an unflinching account of just how fragile the loyalties of Peter and the rest of the disciples were the night of Jesus’ arrest.  We will see our own frailty in them as we honestly consider their actions in the light of what occurred that night.  We will also wrestle with the humanness of Jesus’ prayer to His Father, as the disciples repeatedly nodded off in the olive orchard. 


This Sunday, we will see Christ’s perfect humanity and His eternal divinity side-by-side as He resolves to obey and follow His Father’s will to the Cross.


As we consider the weakness of the disciples, let’s examine together our own temptations to run from our Savior.  Remembering that as believers, we have the Spirit within us, and are empowered to stand firmly by our Lord, even while our culture tempts us to flee.


I am looking forward to opening God’s word with you this Sunday.  The passage this week will certainly challenge and encourage all of us – and we need it.


In His grip,




James Murphy

Ruling Elder

Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church

Leesburg, VA