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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 31st

This week, we’ve come to yet another well-known passage in The Gospel of Mark.  And that’s the story of Blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52.  One of the things I like about Mark is that he arranges his gospel stories to make a point. 

The last few weeks we’ve seen Jesus welcome the little children, followed by the Rich Young Ruler – who declines Jesus’ welcome.  Then we had James and John demanding positions of power and glory.  And now that’s contrasted with a blind man demanding to be healed.  So, besides the obvious contrasts, why does Mark tell us these stories in this order?  Why are these stories here?

Because they’re all about faith —  who has it, who needs it, who wants it, and who gets it.  So, what do you need … to have, to need, to want … in order to get it?  How do you get faith?  And why is faith so important anyway?  Do we need faith just as much as the people in Mark’s Gospel do?  That’s what we’ll be looking at this Sunday, I hope you’ll listen in.

Once again, I’ll be preaching via video on our YouTube channel (You’ve already subscribed, haven’t you?  If not, please do).  On Saturday we’ll post all the links and everything you need to worship on our website at www.potomachills.org.  Just click on the “latest sermon” link.  There you’ll find the worship guide and a link to the worship playlist, which includes the sermon on video. 

So, let’s worship together … listen together … and maybe we’ll just “see” what Jesus wants us to know about faith.  Should be interesting, Dr. Dave