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Heart Prep for Sunday, October 28th

I was just reading through some news articles this week and I'm continually amazed, especially in this election season, how easily we make ourselves out to be far better than we are.  We rate ourselves as above-average drivers, wise investors, and productive employees, even though math dictates that can't be true for all of us.  We also tend to believe we are less likely than the typical person to exhibit negative qualities like anger and envy, and that we're less likely to experience negative life events like divorce or having a heart attack.  And yet these things keep happening to us.  How many political candidates tell us that they're going to take "the high road," until they fall behind in the polls and the attack ads come out.  Sociologists call this phenomenon "moral overconfidence" and it's on display in politics, business, and sports -- really, in all aspects of life -- even among God's people.  And Jeremiah's day was no different.  One of the problems people had in Jeremiah's day was that they couldn't see their own problems, their own faults, their own sins ... even though their sins seem incredibly obvious to us.  The people of Judah thought that they were actually pretty good ... and they didn't much like Jeremiah telling them that they weren't.

This week we've come to Jeremiah, chapters 7 and 8, and this Ancient/Modern Prophet is going to confront his people about a number of heinous sins.  And he's going to let them know that there's serious consequences if they continue to deny the truth and practice these sins.  But, as always, in the midst of the coming judgment of God, there's a sliver of hope that points us to Christ.  But you have to dig deep to find it.  So, that's what we're going to do this Sunday.  See you then, Dr. Dave

P.S.  Hey, I've heard good things from the Community Groups that have already gotten to serve meals at Tree of Life.  This week, we're privileged to have the new Leesburg Director of Tree of Life, Isabel Mayor, come speak to us during the service.  You won't want to miss it!

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