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Heart Prep for Mother's Day, May 13th

Shona Murray writes in her book ReFresh: "Overwhelmed.  Exhausted.  Depressed.  Panicky.  Stressed.  Burned out.  Broken.  Paralyzed.  Drowning.  Empty. Recognize yourself in any of these words?  Maybe in all of them?  You're not alone.  These are the most common words I've heard Christian women using to describe themselves and their lives... the demands upon us keep multiplying: housework demands our energy, employers demand our hours, the church demands our commitment, friends demand our presence, kids demand our taxicab, credit cards demand our dollars, school sports demand our evenings and Saturdays, the yard demands our sweat, charities demand our donations, the sick demand our visits, marriage demands our time, relations demand our phone calls, email demands our replies, Pinterest demands our perfection, and on and on it incessantly goes.  Sometimes you want to run away, don't you?"

Obviously, it's not just women and moms who are stressed out, but since it is Mother's Day this Sunday (kids and husbands, I hope that you've planned ahead!), we thought it would be fun to have a sermon on the trouble of being overwhelmed!  Dr. Dave often says, "there's nobody that's more tired than a mom with an infant."  But all of us feel the pull of being over-committed, running on caffeine and fumes, and being overwhelmed physically and/or emotionally at various times in our lives.  How do we keep our heads above water, metaphorically speaking?  How do we control the chaos and keep from being overwhelmed?  How did Jesus deal with being troubled and overwhelmed with sorrow?  And what else can the Bible offer our weary souls?  Let's explore that together this Sunday.  - Dave Dorst

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