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Posts by Rev. Dave Dorst, Associate Pastor

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Heart Prep for Sunday, March 10th

It's March and my son is already home for Spring Break! This semester is going fast. Baseball teams are at spring training, and soon we'll be filling out brackets for March Madness. And Lent isjust starting, which means Easter is only 40 days away! The other thing about March that we've been promoting is Mission:Possible, a challenge to invite an unchurched family in y...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, February 10th

You might be wondering why it says "guest preacher" when it's Pastor Dave Dorst from Leesburg preaching to us this Sunday. But it's not me - it's the older, wiser (and even more competitive) Dr. Dave Dorst who pastors Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Leesburg, Florida. I'm really excited that he'll be speaking on the Men's Retreat and then preaching to the whole co...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, February 3rd

I hope you got a lot out of our guest preachers the last two weeks.Paul Hahn from Mission to North Americais a great, dynamic guy who reminded us how to strive to be a flourishing church, and Jegar Chinnavan, the church planter,reminded us that we have, and can share with others, the glory of the one and only God. We'll be back preaching in Jeremiah this S...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, January 13th

"I'm back! I'm back in the saddle again!" the classic rock song plays in my head as I've entered the office or Harper Park this past week. In some ways it feels like I've only been gone for a month, as the old habits and routines have come back quickly. But it other ways, it does feel like I was gone the full 5 months of my sabbatical, and I definitely feel rested, spiritu...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 22nd

This weekend is the British Open golf championship. I don't think that we have a ton of golf fans in the congregation, and I don't watch much golf, but I will be trying to watch a good bit of this one because I have played at the course they're competing on, Carnoustie in Scotland. Long story short: I had a week of golf with my father-in-law and brother--in-law back in m...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 15th

I'll never forget when I was in high school, going with my youth pastor, Dan, to visit one of the new kids who had visited our church (we'll call him Chris). As we were talking to Chris, Dan realized that he knew a bit about the Bible but perhaps didn't have a great understanding of how we're saved. So he got out a piece of paper and, after defining the words "faith" "wo...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, June 24th

I hope you're enjoying summer and our study of the book of James. We're in the middle of a lot of preaching by Ruling Elders and Associate Pastors, so enjoy the variety! James Murphy did a great job last week. As we read and preach through James, we need to keep reminding ourselves that James is not writing to tell people what to do to be saved, he's writing to describe ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, June 3rd

As May passes into June, we are looking at a lot of transition.Somehow Kath and I are old enough to have a son graduating from High School.Congrats to our Miles, along with Luke Adsit, Pierce Brenner, and Seth VanDerLinden as they graduate from High School!Congrats to Kathryn Christina Beaton, Annie Hunter, Sophia Clifton, Leah Bolzman, Nathaniel Mullins, Sam Rohrdanz...

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Community Group Questions for May 13th

Here are the Community Group Questions if your group meets between May 13-19....

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Heart Prep for Mother's Day, May 13th

Heart Prep for Mother's Day, May 14th...

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Community Group questions for May 6th sermon

Community Group questions for May 6th sermon...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 6th

Many of us had to read Homer's The Odyssey when we were in school; I even had to teach it when I was an 9th grade English teacher. I will never forget the part of the book where Odysseus' ship is heading towards home but passing through an area where the sirens lived. ...

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