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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 25th

Have you ever met someone and, after spending some time with them, you thought, "they just know God much better than I do" or maybe it was "that guy prays at a whole different level than I do" or perhaps even "you know, she loves God in a way that I've never felt"? I've met a few people like that and have always left them wondering how that nearness to God, knowledge of Go...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 18

Hey everyone, there's only a week until school is back in session. If you're like us, your kids are trying out for sports teams, you're buying back-to-school clothes and supplies, getting schedules straight, and getting in those last couple trips to the pool. Speaking of getting things in, now that we're done with our sermon series in Jeremiah and looking to delve into the...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 11th

This week we are embarking on a new sermon series. We'll be spending the next 3 weeks talking about the mission of the church. As a church, we seem to be in a season of planning, examination, and evaluation. The session has met for several extra meetings as we continue to work through the information that we gathered from those listening sessions at the community groups la...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 4th

We’ve made it. After 38 weeks, we’ve come to the end of our series in Jeremiah. Let me tell you that this has been a challenging book for the pastors and elders to preach on. It seems like we’ve spent last 11 months or so looking passages where Jeremiah calls out sin and pronounces judgment. There have been glimpses of grace here and there throughout, but it’s ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 28th

This past Friday I had the pleasure of making the 7 ½ hour drive down to Santee, South Carolina to take part in my stepmother's 80th birthday celebration. Then on Sunday, I had the same pleasure of making the return trip home. Please don't misunderstand me, the party itself was great and spending time with my dad and stepmother was wonderful. It was the dr...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 21st

Years ago, I was once playing golf with a co-worker when he began to go on a 10-minute tirade about his problems with the contractor adding a huge patio to the back of his luxury home in a gated community. I remember thinking at the time something along the lines of "first world problem" and not having much sympathy for him. People in the third world were worrying about th...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 14th

One of our children has not seen many of the Marvel movies, so her siblings and I are guiding her through the movies. The big question (which is also the question for those wanting to catch up on the Star Wars films) is: do you watch them by release date or by chronological order? We've decided to go chronologically, so we've started with the first Captain America movie se...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, July 7th

Have you ever had to make a hard decision, not knowing how it would turn out? You weigh all the pros and cons, get counsel from others, try to figure out what the result will look like, and then make the decision. And something goes horribly wrong. Usually, it's due to what we call "unintended consequences." After you made the decision, something happened that you either d...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, June 30th

This Sunday we're continuing our series in Jeremiah. But the scene shifts a little bit from what we're used to. For 10 months, we've been hearing about the impending judgment by God of the sinful people of Judah. But now, the judgment has happened. We went over that last week in chapter 39. This week we're looking at the aftermath of the judgment and exile in chapters 40-4...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, June 16th

Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? Sooner or later, most of us have to endure such an accusation and it can really hurt. It can also make us angry, bitter, resentful, and scared. You try to explain, and the other person doesn't seem to care. Why? Usually because they're angry, bitter, resentful, and scared too (although sometimes they're just mean, but...

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