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9:30 am

Harper Park Middle School

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Leesburg, VA 20176

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Heart Prep for Sunday, October 13th

Well, we've finally made it. This Sunday we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Potomac Hills. What an amazing milestone. We have an exciting day lined up. In the morning, one of the leading Reformed thinkers in the world today, Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, will be with us. He will speak to a combined Teen / Adult Sunday School class at 9:30...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, October 6th

In preaching, some of the best advice is to keep the main point of the passage as the main point of the sermon. This is great advice because there so such a depth to the Scriptures. There are books galore that go into meticulous and interesting detail about each verse, or even word, of the text. It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees when preparing for a sermon. And ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 29th

Have you ever tried to do the right thing and had people criticize you for it? And so you changed what you were doing and did it the way you thought they wanted it done and you still got criticized for it. And by the same people! If you do it this way, they get mad and if you do it that way, they get mad. No matter what you try to do they get mad and you can't win. And...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 22nd

Have you ever gotten really, really hurt? I hope not, because getting hurt is well, painful. No one likes getting hurt. I speak from experience. I've broken multiple bones, torn multiple tendons and ligaments, have had multiple surgeries and probably need a few more. Another pastor once wrote me (after yet another surgery) that "scars are God's way of reminding you that y...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 15th

If your family is like our family, lots of things have been starting lately. School is back, classes are underway, kids sports have had a couple games, college and pro football have had their first clashes on the field. It's all very exciting and there's a lot more to come. Our sermon series in Mark is underway, as well. What we've covered in Mark in one chapter takes a...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 8th

Well, we've started in on the Gospel of Mark and I hope you're excited to be back in the gospels. Mark is the only one of the four gospel writers to call his book a gospel (which means 'Good News'), but he didn't invent the word. It was used in the common language of the time, and it meant that some history-making, life-shaping event had happened, and a messenger has come ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, September 1st

Wow! So much starts in September. Just in our church, this month we'll be starting new Sunday School classes, new Community Groups, new Bible Studies, new Joy Groups, new Men's and Women's Ministry events, etc., etc., etc. I mean, there's like 500 bulletin inserts this week (good luck with those). On top of that we're having ministry testimonies each week, and this Sunday ...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 25th

Have you ever met someone and, after spending some time with them, you thought, "they just know God much better than I do" or maybe it was "that guy prays at a whole different level than I do" or perhaps even "you know, she loves God in a way that I've never felt"? I've met a few people like that and have always left them wondering how that nearness to God, knowledge of Go...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 18

Hey everyone, there's only a week until school is back in session. If you're like us, your kids are trying out for sports teams, you're buying back-to-school clothes and supplies, getting schedules straight, and getting in those last couple trips to the pool. Speaking of getting things in, now that we're done with our sermon series in Jeremiah and looking to delve into the...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, August 11th

This week we are embarking on a new sermon series. We'll be spending the next 3 weeks talking about the mission of the church. As a church, we seem to be in a season of planning, examination, and evaluation. The session has met for several extra meetings as we continue to work through the information that we gathered from those listening sessions at the community groups la...

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