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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 22nd

This Sunday, we're going to step out of Deuteronomy and all the warnings against breaking the covenant, and look at the covenant itself. Rev. Porter Harlow of Christ Presbyterian Church in Burke (Porter preached at Potomac Hills last summer) will be preaching on "Demonstrated Faithfulness" in Genesis 22 and how it points us to the true gospel in Matthew 28. And then we wil...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 15th

Well, we're wrapping up the Ten Commandments this week. We'll close out the commandments with "Do Not Covet." What does it mean to covet? The dictionary defines coveting as "greatly desire," meaning to "wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person)." But this commandment isn't just about wanting something that's not ours, it also serves a...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 8th

What to do about Deuteronomy 24:8-25:4? The range of topics across these 8 laws is quite broad. We get everything from dealing with leprosy to how to lend to your neighbor to limits on corporal punishment. And yet themes of truth and justice weave their way through all of these laws. I encourage you to read the passage for this Sunday ahead of time and meditate on the need...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 1st

Well, we're back in Deuteronomy this week and due to changing my Easter sermon, this week we have two commandments to cover The Seventh Commandment, "Do Not Commit Adultery" and the Eighth Commandment, "Do Not Steal." What do these commandments have in common? Both involve taking something that belongs to someone else. In one case it's the taking of a person, and in the o...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, April 24th

We have a special guest this Sunday, Rev. Jegar Chinnavan of First South Asian Indian PCA in Herndon. Jegar will be preaching on "The Ascension of Christ" from Acts 1:9-11. Jegar will also be presenting the ongoing work of his church during our Sunday School time. We have been supporting Jegar and his church for the last several years, because this is a unique ministry in ...

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Heart Prep for Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Holy Week 3

This week we're having two services for Holy Week. We'll start with a traditional Good Friday service at 6:30 pm. It will be a shorter service consisting largely of Scripture readings and a short homily. We must go through the darkness of Good Friday to get to the light" of Easter Sunday. And then on Sunday, we're going to take a break from Deuteronomy and look at the res...

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Heart Prep for Palm Sunday, April 10th

Easter Devotional by KDY

Well, this Sunday is Palm Sunday (Yes, we'll have palms. No, you can't hit anyone with them). It marks the beginning of Holy Week leading up to our Good Friday service (6:30 pm on April 15) and Easter on April 17th. If you haven't gotten your kid-friendly Easter Devotional, they'll be on the front table when you come on. It's an excerpt from the recently released The Bigge...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, April 3rd

First off, I want to thank Frank Wang, James Murphy, and Timo Sazo who filled in for me while I've been out of the pulpit the last three weeks. I'm doing much better, going to Cardiac Rehab (Supervised Exercise) three times a week, and getting stronger every day. But I'm looking forward to being back preaching this Sunday. We have the privilege of having our missionaries,...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, March 27th

This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming back our good friend, Timoteo Sazo. Be sure to remind him, Kaitlin, Vera, and Felix that we love and miss them greatly when you see them Sunday. Timo will be continuing our series in Deuteronomy, but he won't be covering the 4th Commandment. Dave asked to keep that passage, so Timo will be skipping to the 5th Commandment, covere...

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Heart Prep for Sunday, March 20th

Well, it's been quite a week. Dr. Dave is home! Praise God that bypass surgery was not needed and that the procedure to insert the stents went well! Please continue to pray for Dave and Joanne as they recover from a stressful and scary ordeal. And as we prepare our hearts for the sermon this Sunday on Deuteronomy 14, I'd like us to meditate on the idea of Christian dist...

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