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Christ the Messiah (Psalm 69)

December 8, 2019 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Christmas in the Psalms - Advent 2019

Topic: Sermons Passage: Psalm 69:1–36

This week we’re continuing our Advent series on “Christmas in the Psalms.”  We’re looking at five Messianic Psalms in December that foretell some aspect of the coming of the Messiah, each of which is among the most quoted Psalms in the New Testament.  This Sunday, we’ll be looking at Psalm 69 which will tell us something very different about “Christ the Messiah.”  It’s a unique Psalm in that it’s both a Messianic Psalm and an Imprecatory Psalm (which means there’s a prayer for judgment against our enemies). 

 It’s also unique in that it’s written by that always calm, cool, and collected King David!  Yes, that’s sarcasm.  So, there’s judgment, lament, calling on God, crying out for deliverance, and giving glory and praise to God – all at the same time.  And yet, many times our life is like that – filled with joy and sorrow, anger and hope, loneliness and salvation – all at the same time.  And somehow, these raw emotions, both positive and negative, end up pointing us to Christ.  Which is what we need during Advent.  So, it should be interesting, I hope to see you Sunday, Dr. Dave

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