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The Imperative of Christian Friendship (Hebrews 10:19-25)

February 11, 2018 Speaker: Rev. Gary Yagel Series: Guest Speakers

Topic: Sermons Passage: Hebrews 10:19–25

Well, this week we have the privilege of having Dr. Gary Yagel of Famly Builders come and speak to our Men’s Retreat and then preach on Sunday.  Gary has been to Potomac Hills twice before.  He spoke at our first Men’s Retreat in 2007, and then again in 2011, so it will be good to have him back.  Please pray for the Men’s Retreat and the 30 plus men who will be there.  I’m sure that they will all be totally serious and theological throughout the retreat.  Gary will be preaching Sunday from Hebrews 10:19-25 on “The Imperative of Christian Friendship.”

Don’t forget to pray for Kate VanDerLinden as she leaves this week for a year of ministering to backpackers and travelers through several Christian Hostels in multiple countries.  Pray for her to have boldness, wisdom, and grace in sharing the gospel with these folks.  Also pray for Deb Williams who leaves on Feb. 17th for Bolivia.  Deb will be on a medical missions trip where, as the head nurse, she’ll be helping the 65-member team to perform eye surgeries in poor and hard to reach areas.  They plan to see 5,500 patients in their eye clinic and perform 350 surgeries over two weeks.  That’s a big task and they will surely need our prayers.

So there’s a lot going on.  And always more to come.  Just like last year, this year will see a number of brides, babies, and baptisms — all times for celebration.  And of course, there’s usually a number of folks with significant needs who we can serve as a church family — I hope you’ll be a part of that too.  And if you’re not in a Community Group, I would encourage you to join one for the rest of the school year.  It’s a great place to get to know people, make friends, learn together from the Scriptures, and maybe even serve a meal together at Tree of Life!

There is much for us to accomplish in 2018, and it will take being involved in each other’s lives.  Maybe that’s what it means to “love one another.”  Come and See, on Sunday, at church.  I’ll be there too.  Dr. Dave