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The Spirit of Christmas Presents

December 24, 2017 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Christmas Eve Services

Topic: Special Service

This week is the fourth Sunday in Advent as we prepare our hearts for the Incarnation of Christ.  As it’s Christmas Eve, we’ll be having our traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service — but in the morning!  It’s a traditional Lessons and Carols service and we’ll start right at 10:30 (no Sunday School or Children’s Church this week).

We’ve had an emphasis for the last two months of the year on generosity.  At our congregational meeting at the beginning of the month, we asked every family who’s not tithing to prayerfully consider tithing for the month of December, and for those families who already are tithing, to prayerfully consider giving an extra week or two of the normal tithe.  The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of generosity.   If it weren’t for God’s generosity, we would have nothing.  The air we breathe is a gift of God’s generosity.  The blood coursing through our veins is a gift of God’s generosity.  The fact that our hearts are beating is a gift of God’s generosity.  Every good thing in your life ­ including your life itself ­ is a gift of God’s generosity.

In light of that theme we’ve taken some time to look at how Potomac Hills has made a difference in the lives of various people.  So, we’ve asked some folks to share a brief testimony each week on how God has used this church in their lives.  So far, we’ve heard from the Culver’s, Frankenfield’s, Weitz’s, and Stewart Stearns about how God has worked in their lives through the mercy, wisdom, prayers, and kindness of the people at Potomac Hills.  This week we’re going to reflect on how God uses this season to teach and model generosity within our families.  Something we all have to consider.

It should be a great Christmas Eve!  See you Sunday morning!  Dr. Dave

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