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Moving from Fear to Fear (Exodus 20:18-21)

August 27, 2017 Speaker: Jed Faroe, Ruling Elder Series: Movements of Grace - A series on the Ten Commandments

Topic: Sermons Passage: Exodus 20:18–21

Did you watch the eclipse Monday? Deb and I watched the amazing spectacle together from the comfort of my 7th floor office in McLean with our MITRE-issued glasses and marveled that God’s universe is so glorious and predictable that decades in advance we could know that at 2:42 PM 81% of the sun would be darkened by the phenomenon. But my first experience with an eclipse was a lot more unsettling. When I was about five I saw the classic Little Rascals episode “Little Sinner” which climaxes with a total eclipse.

In the show, Spanky decides to skip Sunday School to try out his new fishing pole. Alfalfa warns him that, if he does, “something bad will happen.” And all the kids agree. Sure enough, Spanky has to try to hide from the Reverend, a duck eats his worms, a nasty landowner banishes him from the fishing hole, a bear threatens, the sky darkens, sounds of eerie music, screams, and cries of “Hallelujah” from a black congregation’s baptismal service fill the air as the eclipse reaches totality. Spanky mistakes some of the white-robed “baptiz-ees” (is that a word?) for ghosts and he flees, gets tangled in his fishing line, and runs for the safety of his church. Although the episode is humorous now, I too, was totally freaked out as a five-year-old by the wailing of negro spirituals, midday darkness, and the frightening image of the blackened sun. Somehow, I also sensed something was wrong within me; and that made my fear worse.
This Sunday we finish our series on The Ten Commandments with the account of God descending on Mt. Sinai to speak the commandments in thunder. (Exodus 20:18-21). Moses and the Israelites were terrified. Is that really the loving God we serve? What’s all this about “the fear of the Lord?” How does my sin fit into all this? We’ll talk about God’s grace and Moving from Fear to Fear. Hope you won’t be fishing this Sunday! God Bless, -Jed

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