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The Promise of His Resurrection (Isaiah 25:1-9)

December 25, 2016 Speaker: Rev. Frank Wang Series: Christmas in Isaiah - Advent 2016

Passage: Isaiah 25:1–9

Christmas is upon us! Hopefully you’ve completed all your decorations, nailed down your plans with family, and not put off your holiday shopping. Since Christmas Day is on Sunday this year, I hope that part of your family plans is joining with your church family to worship the Lord. We’re continuing our Advent sermon series on “Christmas in Isaiah”. This Sunday, we’ll be looking at “The Promise of His Resurrection” from Isaiah 25:1-9. I think that it’s really fitting that we will talk about the Resurrection on Christmas Day.

The Resurrection is the source of our salvation. While the Cross is undeniably the centerpiece of Christianity, the Resurrection is right there, inseparable from the Cross in importance for our salvation. What good is payment for sin if there is no life eternal? What good is the Cross if Christ was not victorious over death? The apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 that if Christ has not been raised, then everything is in vain. But as in Easter, our faith has not been put to shame, and we rejoice triumphantly that our Lord Jesus has risen from the dead. There is no better time to rejoice in His rebirth as the firstborn among the dead than Christmas, when we celebrate His birth as one of us. We’re going to learn together about how the Resurrection is not only a past reality with future implications, but has present value for us.

See you Sunday, Frank.

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