This Sunday's Worship Materials can be found in the "Featured Sermon" below. We meet in person at Harper Park Middle School, and the service is also livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

The Servant of the Lord (Exodus 28:1-45)

June 26, 2016 Speaker: Josh Kamakawiwoole Series: Exodus - The Glory of the Lord

Topic: Sermons Passage: Exodus 28:1–45

By the time you read this, Dr. Dave and I will either be mostly done or completely done with the meetings at the PCA’s General Assembly in Mobile, AL. We’re trusting God that it was a great week and that much good will come out of the Assembly’s discussions and decisions; we will update you when we get back. Since we’re both tacking on trips to see our parents and extended family in Florida the weekend after GA, neither of us will be in church this Sunday. We’ve got two godly men who will be leading for the first time: Josh Kamakawiwoole will be preaching his first sermon (his dad’s a pastor so he comes by it honestly), and Eli Rist will be leading the music with the music team (first time leading but lots of experience playing). It’s exciting to see young guys (both in their 20s) stepping up, testing their gifts, and blessing the body of Christ. Please support and encourage them as you have the chance.

The sermon passage is Exodus chapter 28, which is all about the garments that the priests wore when performing in the tabernacle that we talked about in last week’s sermon. I’m so glad that the priestly office has changed since Aaron’s day – I don’t look good in golden ephods. As Josh will point out, though, there is some great symbolism in the description of what the priests were to wear and how they were to carry out their duties (and what’s Uma Thurman doing in there?). Everything pointed to the people’s unworthiness, God’s holiness, and the fact that there would be a greater High Priest yet to come. I’ll be praying the service goes great. -Rev. Dorst