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The Bread of Heaven (Exodus 16:1-36)

March 13, 2016 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Exodus - The Glory of the Lord

Topic: Sermons Passage: Exodus 16:1–36

You ever have “one of those days!” You know, that kind of day that makes you wonder if you should have stayed in bed. You cut yourself shaving, you spill coffee on your clothes, you have a computer crash at work, you receive overdue notices in the mail, and your son breaks his arm on the soccer field at school. It’s enough to make you want to crawl back under the covers and hide. Welcome to Exodus 16. The Israelites were experiencing difficulties. They were hot, tired, hungry and upset. They even wondered if they should have stayed in Egypt. This trip was more difficult than they thought it was going to be.

In the midst of these trials, God did two things: He gave them food for their bodies, but He also promised to reveal His glory to them for their spiritual well-being. God knew that the trials of the day needed a spiritual response as well as physical relief. When the day is hectic, the frustrations full, and the disappointments thick, it’s time to turn to God. Yet how different the day might have gone had we turned to the Lord before we got overwhelmed. Whether the events of the day change or not, when we have spent time with God, we’re better prepared to face the day. Perhaps you aren’t a morning person — many people aren’t — I’m certainly not, but you need to find some time during the day to be with God instead of always being OBE (Overcome By Events). Usually the Israelites didn’t do that until they had to. And often we do the same. So how do we change that? You’ll have to come Sunday to find out! See you then! Dr. Dave