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The Warning of the Lord (Exodus 11:1-10)

January 17, 2016 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Exodus - The Glory of the Lord

Topic: Sermons Passage: Exodus 11:1–10

Have you ever been threatened? Not a lot of fun, is it? Sometimes we get “veiled threats” — you should do this “or else.” But we don’t usually know what the “or else” means. Maybe no one has ever threatened you, but you’ve been “warned” — I’m guessing that wasn’t too much fun either. Most of us have experienced the “hot anger” of another (a boss, a spouse, a parent, perhaps even from a friend) and when that happens it tends to trigger the “flight or fight” response. Our natural response is either to leave altogether, doing our best to avoid the other person (“flight”), or we may respond by getting into a verbal battle with them (both attacking and defending are ’fight" responses).

But what would you do if the threats and warnings came from God Himself? How would you react if the “hot anger” directed against you was that of the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Sovereign King of the Universe? My guess would be that you would, at a minimum, take those threats and warnings pretty seriously. After all, as we saw last week, God could simply and easily “smite” you. It would take no effort on HIs part to strike you down. And the “hot anger part? Well, ”uc">Hebrews 10:31 teaches us that “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

However, my guess would probably be wrong if the person in question, the person being threatened and warned by the Lord Almighty, was the Pharaoh of Egypt. As we’ve seen with the Plagues, our man Pharaoh is not, one might say, a quick learner. Obviously, we’re back in Egypt, reading Exodus 11:1–10 on “The Warning of the Lord.” And what does all of this have to do with us? Because it always has something to do with us, right? Well, I hope you’ll come this Sunday to find out. Should be interesting! See you then! Dr. Dave