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The Lord Prepares Moses (Exodus 4:18-31)

October 25, 2015 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Exodus - The Glory of the Lord

Topic: Sermons Passage: Exodus 4:18–31

Well, this week we come upon one of those strange Bible passages where it seems like several things are going on at once. We’ll be looking at Exodus 4:18-31, where we see compassion and justice, obedience and mercy, truth and worship. It’s hard to get a handle on so many different things happening at the same time. And yet, isn’t that a lot like our own lives? I don’t know about you, but it seems that there’s always lots of things happening at the same time in my life. It’s hard to get a handle on it. You’re afraid that some of those balls you’re juggling are going to get dropped.

But behind all the chaos are several other people involved in Moses’ life — Jethro, Zipporah, Aaron, and the people of Israel. They come around Moses and (at least for now), none of the balls get dropped! Sometimes we don’t notice the activity of God in our life because it shows up in the form of other people. They come around us — correcting, training, encouraging us — and none of the balls get dropped. Perhaps God has a message for us in that. We’re forced to ask ourselves, “How am I letting other people into my life? Am I afraid to let them help me?”

Most importantly though, through all of these circumstances, and through all of these people, God is at work. Moses sees God at work. And the people of Israel see God at work. And I think that God wants all of us to see Him at work in our lives as well. Even if it comes from that nosy person who sits in front of us on Sundays. Who knows what will happen? Come Sunday and see for yourself. Looking forward to it! Dr. Dave

Hope to see you at our Fall Festival this Sunday afternoon! Always a great time!