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A Better Servant (Hebrews 3:1-6)

February 15, 2015 Speaker: Dr. David Silvernail Series: Jesus Is Better - A Series on the Book of Hebrews

Topic: Sermons Passage: Hebrews 3:1–3:6

It’s been a busy week. We had a great time at the Men’s Retreat and everyone survived being a vegetarian for 24 hours! Our speaker, Rev. Bryn MacPhail, did a great job both at the retreat and preaching last Sunday. As you know, Bryn is the Pastor of St. Andrews Presbyterian Kirk in Nassau, Bahamas where our missions team will be going again this summer (July 11-18). There is a limited number of spaces so get your reservations in early. The team had a wonderful time last summer and I want to encourage you to pray about going this year.

Now that we’ve been in the Book of Hebrews for 6 weeks, it’s become a little more familiar and it’s easy to stop reading it. Keep at it! Hebrews is awesome and I’m constantly learning something new. And while you’re at it, keep posting on Social Media with #JesusisBetter. I love seeing what God is teaching you throughout the week.

This week we’ll be looking at Hebrews 3:1-6 and see why Jesus is “A Better Servant.” A better servant than who? You? Me? No problem – we all know Jesus is better than any of us. But what about Moses? Moses was the premier leader of the Israelites. He led them out of slavery in Egypt and has major motion pictures made about him. He’s the key figure in the great redemption story that is the Book of Exodus (which we’ll start next fall). But yes, Jesus is even better than Moses! How so? And what difference does it make today? Well, those are the questions we’ll be looking at this Sunday.

Looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday! See you there, Dr. Dave

BTW, I nailed the name on that awesome baptism last Sunday! And some of you had so little faith ….

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