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Kingdom Cowards Resting in our Courageous King (Matthew 26:69-75)

September 7, 2014 Speaker: Rev. Tom Rubino Series: The King and His Kingdom! - A Series in the Book of Matthew

Topic: Sermons Passage: Matthew 26:69–26:75

We love heroes. Whether watching Band of Brothers or reading Harry Potter, we're inspired by those who rise to the occasion and show remarkable acts of bravery. At the same time, cowards anger and even disgust us. Have you ever talked back to your TV and said something like: "How could you not do something??" or "Show some guts!" or "What a coward!"?

We might be tempted to think some of these things while looking at our passage this week. As we watch Peter deny his Lord three times, we may shake our heads and wonder to ourselves: "Peter, how could you??" We may even think that if we had been there, we would have risen to the occasion and bravely stood by Jesus.

But the reality is that, just like Peter, we're all Kingdom cowards who deny our Lord every single day. And the truth is that, just like Peter, our ultimate hope shouldn't be in our own resolve, but needs to be in the courage of our King.

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Pastor Tom

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