This Sunday's Worship Materials can be found in the "Featured Sermon" below. We meet in person at Harper Park Middle School, and the service is also livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

The Trial of the King (Matthew 26:57-68)

August 31, 2014 Speaker: Rick Behrens, Ruling Elder Series: The King and His Kingdom! - A Series in the Book of Matthew

Topic: Sermons Passage: Matthew 26:57–26:68

This week we have the privilege of hearing from another of our Ruling Elders, Rick Behrens. He'll be preaching on Jesus' first trial before Caiaphas, the high priest, and the Council. Matthew tells us that they "were seeking false testimony against Jesus that they might put him to death." That's a fascinating thing to consider and ask ourselves if we do the same: "Do I listen to other people who discredit God so that I don't have to bring my life into alignment with His truth? Do I look for ways to justify myself before God?" Is God still on trial in your mind? If so, maybe it'd be a good idea to read Job chapters 38 - 41.

This Sunday I am so looking forward to the Church Picnic at Foxridge Park. I hope that you'll make time to join us and talk to some people you haven't met before. We are also transitioning to new kids & teen Sunday School classes, so thank the summer teachers and greet the new teachers. It's always a fun Sunday when students move up to the next grade. A special welcome to Sophie, Grace, Hannah, Andrew & Velvet -the rising 6th graders to the youth group!

Enjoy what's left of your summer. -Rev. Dorst

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