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Preparing In View of the End (Matthew 24:1-28)

June 22, 2014 Speaker: Rev. Jeff Lee Series: The King and His Kingdom! - A Series in the Book of Matthew

Topic: Sermons Passage: Matthew 24:1–24:28

How would you prepare if you thought the end of the world was at hand? What would you do? Would you stockpile weapons? Stockpile food and water? Cash out your 401K? Build a bunker underground? Purchase a tank? Move to an uninhabited area? Hide your expensive belongings? Or just sit down and cry?

As we look at Matthew 24:1-28 this Sunday, I'm going to ask you many times to pull out your metaphorical camera, so as to focus and zoom in on certain parts of the text, and other times I'll ask you to put your wide-angle lens on to see the bigger perspective. As we navigate through these difficult words of Jesus, you'll see why both perspectives will be needed. These are the three sections that we will be looking at this Sunday: (1) The Occasion, vv. 1-3, (2) The Beginning of the End, vv. 4-14, and lastly (3) The Great Tribulation, vv. 15-28.

Talking about the end of the world isn't an easy thing to do, but Jesus talks about it and teaches his people how prepare for it. Therefore we need to talk about it and learn what biblical preparedness looks like.

See you Sunday morning!

Rev. Lee

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