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Babylon and the Beast, Revelation 17

May 23, 2010 Speaker: Art Arrington Series: The King’s Triumphant Return - A Series in Revelation

Topic: Sermons Passage: Revelation 17:1–17:18

This week, we are looking at Revelation 17, which is about the specific Judgment of God upon those who lead in rebellion against Him.

Pastor Alan Smith writes about this passage, "We as Christians are engaged in a spiritual warfare -- it's Christianity vs. the world, the forces of good vs. the forces of evil.  And it's easy to get the idea (especially if you watch the news) that God's side is losing, and immorality is winning out!  John wrote the book of Revelation for Christians who must have been feeling the same way.  After all, Rome certainly seemed to have the upper hand.  Christians were losing!  But, in reality, the war is over!  and we know that those who are on God's side will be victorious!"  Very graphically, Revelation 17 tells us that evil is real and terrible, but the Lamb is greater and He is faithful!  And that's good news.

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